Why I Love Bangladesh | By Paul Clammer

Gorgeously green yet swamped with people, Bangladesh is a rural wonderland laden with waterways, peppered with villages and bursting with humanity.
It’s the cycle rickshaws that do it for me in Bangladesh. They’re works of art, from their brightly decorated handlebars and the struts of their canopies to their painted backs, displaying anything from mosques to Bangla film stars. To a soundtrack of bicycle bells, they weave their way through roads as if the words ‘traffic jam’ were unknown. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the smallest village trying to find some ancient mosque or in an upscale neighbourhood of Dhaka looking for a swanky restaurant – if you want to get anywhere, then a cycle-rickshaw is the quintessential Bangladeshi way to arrive.village_of_bangladesh_by_zahinwadud-d4le92j