The hillside town of Sonargaon is one of the oldest capitals in Bengal and is home to diverse history that spans time, across Hindu, Mughal and British rule. Visitors can see evidence of this eclectic past while wandering the streets, where ancient ruins of a rich past juxtapose more modern European structures.
Travelers can explore the villages and towns that make up this stunning destination aboard a local rickshaw, which can be hired for a single low daily fee. Drivers will transport visitors to some of the areas key sites, including the Goaldi Mosque, Tomb of Sultan Ghiyasuddin Azam Shah and the Shiva Shrine. Those looking for memorable items to take home will do well on a stop to the Folk­Art and Craft Museum Gift Shop inside the Sadarbari museum, which sells dozens of handmade, local items.

Practical Info

Sonargaon is located at the center of the Ganges delta near the river port of Narayanganji in Bangladesh. It’s possible to travel to the countryside town by bus from Gulistan. Locals warn it’s necessary to tell drivers the destination is Mograpara to avoid accidental arrival at the Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel, located in Dhaka. Tickets are about TK 35 for the 40‐minute journey.