Dhakeshwari Temple

This stately Hindu temple is known as Bangladesh’s National Temple. Built in the 12th century by a king of the Sena Dynasty, its cream and red stupas are icons of the city. According to locals, former King Bijoy Sen’s wife would bathe in the waters of Langolbond, and this temple was built as an homage to the birth of her son.
Travelers will find two distinct architectural styles at Dhakeshwari, since construction (and reconstruction) spanned years. One temple is in ancient style and another, constructed at the start of the century by the East India Company, is set in a more contemporary style. Although much of the structure was damaged during the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971, travelers will still find extraordinary examples of historical and religious architecture here.

Practical Info

The temple serves as a center for religious and cultural activities. Travelers who visit in July can witness the Janmashthami procession, which begins at the temple and flows into the streets of Dhaka to celebrate Lord Krishna’s birth. Another major festival occurs during Chaitra—the last month of the Bengali calendar year—where millions of Hindus father to bathe at Langolbondon.